Torrvieja Translators now provide a full range of Tráfico (DGT) services to the local areas. We are official affiliates of the DGT Elche office which means we can work on your behalf. This also means we can go there anytime without an appointment so you don't have to. We also cover Alicante, Murcia and Cartagena but are only affiliates of the Elche office.

This service is for people who have Spanish Residency only! If you don't yet have this, we can't help you change your licence at this time. We do offer other services which includes Spanish Residency should you need it. This also extends to other essential documentation such as getting your NIE or Padron.

What Is The DGT?

The DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) is the national traffic authority in Spain. This is the same as the DVLA in the UK if you are British or whatever the driving authority for your country is. They are responsible for traffic laws, movement of vehicles and road safety.

This authority also provides the latest information and advice about driving in Spain. You can find all the policies and laws on the DGT website along with accident information.

Our Vehicle Services

Below are some of the services we can help you with. We will also include some extra services the DGT provide or why you may need to contact them.

Vehicle Change of Address:

You usually need to provide justification of why you are changing your address. The typical identification for this is your NIE number, Residency Card and Passport. You will also need a Padron from the last 90 days if your address is in the same municipality. Another important document is a recent utility bill for your new address.

Vehicle Number Plate Exchange:

If you need to change your number plate for whatever reason we can help you with this.

Vehicle Change of Ownership:

If you buy another vehicle the new owner will need to be registered with the DGT.

Vehicle Duplicate Documents:

We can help you get duplicate vehicle documents if you lose them or they are stolen.

Driving Licence Exchanges:

Since early 2016, it became law to change your current licence to a Spanish licence. Exchanging for a Spanish Driving Licence is one of our core services. We can also help you renew your current licence.

You can start the process by signing up on our website and we will get the ball rolling for you. This is especially important for Brits with the UK exiting the European Union.

More Tráfico Services

There are many more extra services on offer but here are main things.

  • Payment or dispute of fines
  • Vehicle transfer tax
  • Importing a foreign vehicle that is not on Spanish plates
  • Selling or transferring a vehicle
  • Vehicle reports when buying a second hand car