Spanish Driving Licence Exchanges

Are you looking to exchange you current Driving Licence to a Spanish Driving Licence? Would you like a professional company to take the hassle away from you? Great, you have come to the right place.

Torrevieja Translators offer a unique online service which makes exchanging your licence simple. Our secure booking system allows you to upload all the relevant documentation to get the ball rolling. We can then begin the process of exchanging your licence for you.

Why Do I Have To Change To A Spanish Driving Licence?

Since the 1st of January 2016 it is a legal requirement to change your EU/EEA license to a national license if you are a legal resident in Spain.

This became law at the start of 2016 for all legal residents in Spain. If you are a legal resident, you must exchange your EU/EEA licence for a Spanish Licence. As a result of Brexit, we can no longer help UK licence holders exchange their licence. If this changes in the future, we will update this page and email all our customers.

Failure to exchange your current licence to a Spanish Licence could result in a fine of over 200 Euros if the police stop you. Another reason you need to exchange your licence is the law in other countries is different. In Germany, there is no expiration date for a citizens Driving Licence. Depending on your age, Spain requires you to have a medical every 5 - 10 years. This medical is to ensure you are still fit enough to drive in this country.

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Our Service, Fees & Documents You Will Need

Our fee for a licence exchange starts at €150 per person. We will complete all the paperwork and go to Tráfico on your behalf. You can pay in full using a credit/debit card, or you can pay a €10 deposit on booking. You can then pay the rest of the total fee in cash when we return your documents if you prefer. Below are the steps you can carry out on our site once you register for a free account.

  • Sign Up To Website. You can get your account by visiting the sign up page and select the driving licence exchange option. Once complete you can insert basic profile and contact information. The next step includes a section to place your address, city and region of Spain.
  • Your Info. This section contains important fields for you to insert date of birth and NIE number. You must also place your Nationality and upload a copy of your passport.
  • Residencia & Padron. Here you can upload your Residencia and Padron. You can not exchange your licence without your Residencia which we can also help you obtain. Usually the Padron must be renewed within the last 3 months.
  • Drivers Medical. Here you can upload your drivers medical if you have it and it's within the last 90 days. Torrevieja Translators can arrange a medical for you if you need this service. You can also return to upload your medical document later if you choose.
  • Licence Info. You must insert your licence number with the issue and expiry date here. We will also need you to upload two images of the front and back of your driving licence.
  • Agreement. One of the final steps is agreeing that you will surrender your current licence and have all the necessary paperwork. This includes, Residencia, Medical Document and 2 photos for your new licence. You can also let us know about anything else you think is relevant to your application.

Payment Options & Additional Information

You now have two payment plans with different options that offer extra services for your convenience. You can also pay a €10 deposit if you wish to pay the rest in cash later.

  • €150* (Standard). Torrevieja Translators deal with the Tráfico Offices on your behalf. We deal with the DGT electronically as affiliates. A member of staff will collect your current driving licence in-person when the time comes to hand it in to the DGT.
  • €200* (Premium). Torrevieja Translators deal with the Tráfico Offices on your behalf. We deal with the DGT electronically as affiliates. A member of staff will collect your current driving licence in-person when the time comes to hand it in to the DGT. Additionally, we get your driving licence delivered to Tráfico, we will then pick it up and then hand-deliver to your home. (Torrevieja and surrounding areas only!)

Please note, our fee does not include the medical cost or the tax incurred by the authorities for the change itself. The medical and DGT tax can vary depending on your age and categories you have on your current licence. Usually the DGT tax is €24.58 per person that you have to pay in cash when we return your documents. If you are over 70, you do not get charged the DGT tax. Medicals will cost between €25 and €40 depending on the centre and current licence.

Official Affiliates Of The DGT

We are registered as official affiliates of the DGT. This means that we have express authorisation to action these exchanges on behalf of our clients. We adhere to the Data Protection act, and all our staff and partners are background checked in Spain. so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.