A hospital or health clinic appointment can be very daunting, all the more so if you don’t speak the language.

It is true that a lot of medical staff in our area have adapted to speak some basic English over the years. The question is, however, is that enough for your peace of mind, knowing that you are being understood and equally, understand what is being said to you?

In the diagnostic process of medical professionals, the communication between doctor and patient is vital. Certain things a patient says can hint towards a different diagnosis completely; this is why it is important that each party can understand exactly what is being said, word for word.

Before any medical procedure, you are likely to be asked many questions regarding previous operations, medications, and illnesses as well as family clinical history. It is in all cases vital that all information is given and taken correctly for the peace of mind of the patient as well as for the medical staff to do their job correctly.

At Torrevieja Translators, we pride ourselves in having a staff member that has worked as an official translator in the Quirónsalud Torrevieja hospital as well as having grown up in a medical family. We have experience conveying the patient’s message exactly the way it is being portrayed to us, with the medical phrasing required for the doctor to understand exactly what the patient is feeling. Also, thanks to our knowledge of the public and private health sector we can talk you through the rough process so that you know what is coming next, what you have to do, how you need to prepare.

We will accompany you to your GP or hospital appointments, as well as medical emergencies and provide you with an incomparable service due to our knowledge of the medical industry.