Professional Medical Translation Services, Torrevieja

Torrevieja Translators provide a professional medical translation service to the local areas. We can go with you or meet you at the local hospital for emergencies or check ups. We speak English, Spanish and German which enables us to converse with most here.

It's true that a lot of medical staff in our area are now able to converse in basic English. Some will have a better level than others but you should not take this as a given. You need to ask yourself if your health is worth taken a chance on if you can't find someone that understands you? You also may not be able to understand what the medical staff is saying to you.

Medical Interpreter / Translator For Torrevieja Hospital

Our team understand all the medical terminology to give you total peace of mind. One member of our staff was an official translator at the Quirónsalud hospital in Torrevieja. His family comes from a medical background which has given him extensive medical knowledge. Another thing which if often lacking from other translators is empathy. For us, this is as important as the professional translations for our clients.

We can provide you with the following services at any local hospital or medical centre.

  • GP Appointments both singular or ongoing.
  • Appointments at local hospitals.
  • Emergency appointments.
  • Medical document translations.

Reasons Why You Need A Medical Translator

A hospital or health clinic appointment can be very daunting, all the more so if you don’t speak the language.

Communication between doctor and patient is vital during the diagnosis process. A small misunderstanding on either side can lead to a completely different diagnosis. It's important that all parties can understand what is said perfectly word for word.

Before any medical procedure, the medical staff are likely to ask many questions. The standard things tend to be previous operations, medications and illnesses. You may have to provide clinical history about your family also. In all cases, it's best to be sure so both sides have peace of mind. You will know you have the correct diagnosis and the medical staff has the necessary information to do their job.

Torrevieja Translators staff expert in Medical Terminology

Booking Your Translation Appointment Online

Our unique website allows you to book your appointment online in a few easy steps. All you need to do is sign up here and provide some basic information. You can then select your appointment date and time for your appointment. The final step is making a €30 payment which covers your first hour. This fee also includes the tax (IVA) that we have to declare as a legal company.

More Translation & Documentation Services

We also provide many other services besides translations. If you need help exchanging your current driving licence we can help with that as well. Please check our driving licence exchange page here to find out more. Our company can also help you get other essential Spanish documentation you will need. These include Residencia's, NIE numbers, Padron's and much more.