The NIE Number is another vital piece of documentation for those planning to live in Spain. This is also one of the first things people apply for here. The NIE is short for Número de Identificación de Extranjero (ID Number of Foreigner). Some confuse this with the NIF Number which is the tax ID of a Spanish Citizens. The NIE is what the government assigns to foreigners.

This important paperwork is essential if you want to work and pay taxes in Spain. The NIE also allows you to do many of the same things as Spanish Residency or Residencia. (Another service we provide). In fact, this is usually the first step towards residency if you are thinking about moving to Spain in the future. Many that have a holiday home go through the process so they get most of the same rights as a resident. Below are some of the most important things you can do once you have your NIE Number.

Benefits Of Having A Spanish NIE Number

  • Property: Having your NIE will allow you to buy a property or sell your existing home in Spain. It also allows you to buy Home Insurance and pay utilities.
  • Vehicles: You can not legally buy or sell a car or other vehicle without your NIE. You will also need your Residencia if you need to change your current licence to Spanish. We can also assist you with getting your Residencia and Spanish Driving Licence.
  • Work & Tax: You have to have the NIE to work and pay tax in Spain. This is also an essential first step if you plan on starting a business here. Once you are paying tax into the Spanish system you will also be eligible for  healthcare here.
  • Banking: Once you have your NIE you can apply for a Spanish bank account and get other banking perks. These include things like getting a mortgage or loans from the bank.
  • Students & Education: Students can study and remain in Spain. For UK Citizens after the Brexit transition period, students may need a visa if they are not a resident.
  • Communication & Services: Currently you need an NIE for phone contracts and similar services. This also includes getting internet in your home as all providers request this.

How To Apply Online For Your NIE Number?

You can apply for your NIE Number on our website using our secure system to upload your information. The first step is create your free account here and complete some basic information. You will need to insert your personal information and address here also. The your info section will allow you to insert date of birth, nationality and other vital info to begin your application. You will also need to upload a copy of your passport before we can start.


The final step is paying an initial €10 deposit so we can arrange your appointment and do the paperwork. Once you have your appointment you will need to pay the €115 fee in advance and €9.34 in cash on the day for the Government Tax.