The Spanish Padrón in an important document for those wishing to live in Spain. This piece of paperwork is usually given to you by your local town hall. Torrevieja Translators can help you get your Padrón and most other important documents you need. Below we will explain exactly why you need one and the benefits of having it.

There are actually two types of Padrón which may be confusing to some. The first is a register your town hall keeps so they know how many people are living in your area. This is the same as a census or a local population count. If you live in Spain for more than 6 months then you should have Spanish Residency and a Padrón by law. Having both entitles you to healthcare and other things that we touch on below.

Benefits of Having A Padrón

Your local government can request extra funding as more people live in your area. This is useful for them to assign more money for things that may need improving. Usually this would be things such as roads, parks and local infrastructure.

The town hall can also request or assign more everyday services to your area. These include local police, healthcare, rubbish collection and administration. There are many other services also but those would be some of the most important.

The other type of Padrón (Empadrónamiento) is the paper copy you receive which is essentially a certificate. This is actually quite basic which you should renew every 90 days at your local town hall.

  • Note: Because your Padrón expires does not mean you need to panic and rush to renew it. Once you have a Padrón the law does not stipulate that you have to renew it. It ceases to be as useful or give you the benefits that you had before.

Other Important Uses

While the Padrón is not a form of ID or as useful as an NIE number for example, it can help with the following.

  • Healthcare: A Padrón is essential if you want to use local medical facilities.
  • Voting: Being on the Padrón and having Spanish Residency entitles you to vote in local elections.
  • Driving Licence: You need this to request a Spanish Driving Licence which is law now. This is also important if you plan on importing your UK vehicle or that of another country.
  • Social Security: You may be entitled to family credits, cash grants and marriage benefits.