Police InterpreterPolice interpreting / translating is another core service on offer by Torrevieja Translators. While this is not something most will enjoy, sometimes we need to file a police report. The correct term for such a report is a "Denuncia" or to denounce someone or something. We can assist you if you need to file a Denuncia in Torrevieja and surrounding areas.

Why You Need A Police Interpreter?

In almost all cases your local Guardia Civil station will not speak English. Most stations even stipulate that you will not be able to file a report without an interpreter. Being able to get by is not helpful to either party when it comes to police matters. It's always best to be on the safe side and take a translator or you will likely be wasting your time and police time.

Ways To File A Police Report

There are a few ways to file a police report, All involve going to a Civil Guard Station at some point. The Guardia Civil website advises you here to take an interpreter to ratify your police report.

  • E-Denuncia: It's possible to complete an online application to file a police report. This is usually for minor issues that are not as urgent or involve violence. Even after completing a report, you still need to go to the station to ratify it. You will have to present your passport, DNI or NIE Number to the Guardia Civil. If this is not done then how can police be sure the report is genuine?
  • Written Report: You must go to a Civil Guard Station with a document proving your identity. This again is either your DNI, NIE Number or passport. You will need to submit a document stating the identity of the complainant and the report facts. You will also need to sign the document.
  • Verbal Report: This is usually what most do if you need to file a police report with the Guardia Civil. You will need your DNI, NIE Number or passport to prove your identity. An officer will then take your report in writing with all the facts of the case.

What Happens Next?

Once an officer takes your report in writing they place a stamp on it and assign a case number. The next step may include questioning any parties related to the case. The process will always differ depending on the type of potential crime or 'delito' that is being dealt with. If the Guardia Civil can not resolve the case with a fine or penalty they could refer it to the courts. This will usually be in the area where the crime or offence took place. In this case, the court judge will decide the final outcome after more investigation.

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Torrevieja Translators Can Take Much of The Stress From You

We understand this can be a very stressful time for someone to have to visit the authorities. Torrevieja Translators do all we can to make the process less stressful for you. We talk on your behalf, ask any questions you may have. Most important, we get the job done in your language to make sure your message gets across correctly. You can sign up on our website below to book an appointment for a translator.