The TIE is a special identity card which Spain issues to foreigners from non-EU countries. This form of ID will be new for Brits after the UK departs the EU fully on the 31st December 2020. In fact, Spain ceased to issue the old residency certificate to Brits on 1st July 2020.

The TIE “Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero” replaces the green residency certificate. This is optional currently for Brits who already have legal residency status here. Both documents expressly certify that you have the legal right to live in Spain. Many are still choosing to upgrade to the TIE to remain current but this is not mandatory as we mention above.

The TIE For Existing or Initial UK Applicants

Our website provides an easy to follow faq here for existing Spanish resident from the UK who have the old green residencia cards. We provide extensive details about the process with handy questions and answers. These guides also contain the documentation you will need to get your TIE. We can no longer help with new UK applicants for TIE if you missed the 31st December 2020 cut off. We will update this page when we accept new UK applicants for TIE under the new rules from 2021 once we have studied these in more detail.

Documentation You Will Need

  • Passport
  • NIE (If applicable)
  • Padrón (Less than 90 days old)
  • Marriage / Birth Certificate (In case of name changes)
  • Passport Photos (To add to our TIE card)

Employment & Financial Status

The 3 categories which explain your employment and financial status are as follows. You can check the faq to learn what you need to do for your TIE depending on your status.

  • Unemployed: Anyone not working in Spain or those receiving a pension from abroad and not paying social security here.
  • Employed by a third party: Those working in Spain with a contract and receive a payslip (Nómina). Your wage will be paid into your bank account (not by cash).
  • Self Employed: If you are registered as Autónomo and / or have an SL company in Spain. You pay taxes and social security contributions and will likely have business accounts.

Torrevieja Translators Documentation Services

Torrevieja Translators can help you get your TIE taking most of the hassle away from you. This is one of the many documentation services we offer. If you are a non-EU citizen we can assist you regardless of where you are from. We can start the application process but you will still need to take a trip to Alicante in person. The purpose of your trip is to sign for your paperwork which is mandatory.

If you would like us to start the process you can register here on our website.

How Much Does It Cost For Your TIE?

Existing Resident Cost

We charge €101.91 + IVA (€27.09) = €129 per person (excluding the €12 government fee, per person) for the process if you are an existing resident changing to TIE. Note that the British and Spanish Governments have both said you need not exchange your current green residencia before the end of the year, but many people want to, and we will be happy to help.

New Applicant Cost

If you are a new applicant (not currently a resident) the cost is €131.40 + IVA (€27.60) = €159 per person (excluding the €12 government fee, per person). Please note that for many people if they do not have everything in place, it may be too late to apply, but we will let you know if this is the case.